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Analisis of Little Red Cap based on Propp's taxonomy

The Grimm Brother were two pioneers in writing fairy tales, and Little Red Cap was not the exception in their Master piece. In the following entry we will make an analisis from a morphological point of view, developed by Vladimir Propp.

Little Red Cap is send to her Grandmother's house by her mother. The girl does not go with her mummy, instead, she goes by herself.

Little Red Cap is said :"Behave yourself on the way, and do not leave the path, or you might fall down and break the glass, and then there will be nothing for your sick grandmother."

The wolf meets her in the way. He offers her to have a look to the flowers there are in the woods."Listen, Little Red Cap, haven't you seen the beautiful flowers that are blossoming in the woods? Why don't you go and take a look? And I don't believe you can hear how beautifully the birds are singing. You are walking along as though you were on your way to school in the village. It is very beautiful in the woods." . She accepted and decide to prepare a bouquette for her grandmother.

The wolf makes the girl a couple of questions about where she is going to,what she is carrying under her apron and where her gendmother's house is, questions that are answered by Little Red Cap innocently.The girl tells him that her Grandmother is sick and weak.

The wolf goes quickly to the Grandmother's house.

The wolf shows himself as someone friendly and kind in order to take advantage of the situation and get information from the girl.

See reconnaissance and trickery.

When the wolf eats the Grandmother, first, and, later, Little Red Cap.

A huntman who was passing by hears the wolf snoring and as the huntman does not know anything about the tragedy, he goes to the Grandmother's house to see if everything is allright.

He takes a pair of scissors and cuts the wolf belly rescuing both, either the grandmother as well as Little Red Cap. After that. they fill the wolf's belly with heavy stones so as to avoid the wolf escapes.

The huntman leaves home with the wolf 's pelt .

Through the snore of the wolf.

It is got by the girl, the Grandmother and the huntman.

The girl and the Grandmother are rescued.

He gets the wolf 's pelt.

The wolf is killed.

In accordance with the characters in this version we will find...
...THE VILLAIN : the wolf
...THE MAGICAL HELPER: a pair of scissors.
...THE PRINCESS : Little Red Cap.
...THE HERO:the huntman.

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